Healthy Environment

The healthy habit tip for this week will be about your environment. The weather is changing, and more time is being spent indoors. Does your home, work space and environment add to your health and wellness or is it taking away from your health and wellness?+
That is a very fair question! Look around the room you are sitting in right now as you read this article. Does the room feel warm and inviting or cluttered and non-inviting? Most people don’t realize, but colours, cleanliness, clutter, smells, plants, old carpets, musty papers, a damp area, too much moisture, not enough moisture all add to or take away from your sense of wellbeing, and ultimately, affects your health and wellness.+
As we draw indoors and have windows and doors closed, we are not getting fresh air throughout our homes. Many new homes are being built extremely air tight and need air exchangers. Do you have an air exchanger in place? Many homes that are air tight have an excess of moisture. How you can tell if you have a lot of moisture in your home is by the accumulation of moisture on your windows. If that moisture doesn’t dissipate, it collects and turns black on the seal of the window. That black stuff is mold. Breathing mold can cause respiratory issues, allergies and worse.+
Or maybe you just have a damp feeling in your environment or specific rooms. Dampness can also be a source of mold. Accumulated “stuff “ in a damp area also accumulates mold. When you go through your “stuff,” you spread the mold around, and you then breathe it in. Maybe a dehumidifier would be in order. As well, if you find “stuff” that is damp and/or musty, moldy smelling, you should be wearing a mask. Next step would be to clean the “stuff” – that is, if it can be cleaned – but really, the “stuff” should just be thrown out. There isn’t one piece of “stuff” that is more important than your health.+
So, enough about moisture and dampness. Look around your space. How does it make you feel? How you feel is very important. Your home should make you feel good; feeling good makes you happy, and being happy boosts your immune system. The colours that are in your environment are important as well as the smells that are in your home. So, what do I mean about your smell? I am talking about your cleaning supplies. Are you using cleaning supplies that add to an environmentally unhealthy issue in your home? There are more and more environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies available. My favourite one is vinegar and water. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it is very inexpensive. As well, baking soda is a great cleaning product.+
Plants are very important, and it’s a must that you should have in your area – both at home and work. They filter and provide oxygen.+
As I am typing this article, I smell an amazing aroma of our wood stove. It gives me a warm, cozy and comfortable feeling. I know to some, this might not seem like a very important healthy habit, but how you feel is very important. When you feel good, when you smell nice smells, when you are surrounded by a healthy environment, you are adding many benefits to your long term health and wellness


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