5 Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic For Free

I was on speaking to my mentor and friend the other day and the topic was" increasing website traffic for free" and if it could really be done. Well, the quick answer to that is, "yes", but you will have to work at it every day for a few hours. And, just to let you know it might get boring, but you have to begin with the end in mind.As I was just beginning my online business ventures, I just knew it was going to be easy to drive tons of traffic to my website and make boatloads of money, because all I saw and heard about on the web were the success stories of how people were making thousands of dollars each month, leaving there 9-to-5's, taking luxurious vacations and just simply living the life. Now, much of that lifestyle and opportunity was due to hours upon hours of learning and, most of all, taking daily actions to achieve their goals. But, you rarely hear about the behind the scenes process of doing business on the internet.

All-in-all, there are really only two ways to increase website traffic - paid for, meaning, buy your traffic, or free, meaning, work for it.PPC or paying for your traffic can get costly if you don't know what you're doing. Or you can hire an SEO expert, but either of those choices can kill your budget. So, what I want to do is tell you 5 ways to increase website traffic for free. So let's begin.Article writing - Article writing is, by far, my favorite. Putting together a 400 to 600 word article will do wonders for increasing traffic to your website.

But, just don't put words together and serve no value to the reader. Credibility is major here, so you want to make sure that your reader gets some real benefit from your article. So, that means keyword rich content. Joint Ventures - Building relationships with people will do more for your business than any strategy out here. Nothing compares to real human interaction. But, unless you are true extrovert, meeting people online and offline can be a real challenge, but if you start out slow and understand that some people will say no to your venture and some will say yes, you'll be just fine. Interviewing a person with a large list is a great way to build relationships that lead to more joint ventures.

Social Networking - Now, if this is you, let me first apologize for what I'm about to say, but if you are in business and you don't have, at minimum, a Facebook page, then you are letting a lot of traffic just pass you by. Utilizing social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter is ideal for the introverted individual to build relationships and possibly create a joint venture to increase website traffic. Video Marketing - Video marketing is really hot these days as you can use it to put a face to your business, thus, creating and building that trust. You can use it to turn your articles into video, you can use it to demo a product or simply promote your business. But, just like article marketing, it's still about adding valuable content. Blogs - I can't say enough about blogs, but one thing I will say is, the search engines love blogs. Acting as your website, your blog can be optimized by using various plugins that blog applications like WordPress offers.

Updating your blog daily with relevant content is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website for free.So, there you have it. 5 Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic For Free. It will take day to day action, but the payoff will be awesome. Plus, if you think about it, from that one article, you can post it to your blog that can then be presented as a video post that can go on to your subscribed social networking site. It's about creativity, consistency and always being hungry for new marketing knowledge.
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