Popular Instruments Utilized by Haitian Musicians

Percussion instruments especially the drums dominate the Haiti music industry. Many traditional Haitian musicians utilise percussion instruments in their performances. The apprentice percussionists acquired skills that were passed down to them by the ancient percussionist experts. The use of percussion instruments is the main distinctive feature that set the difference between Haitian music and music from other parts of the world.The Haitian drum also called tanbou in Creole was utilized by many musicians in the early times and it is a part of Haitian people history. The drum is a unique tool originating from Africa, made of hard woods and covered with goat or cow skin. This drum has an outstanding sound that enables the Haiti music to stand out from other music. The Haitian musicians simply play the drum using bare hands. The Haitian people are very experienced in playing the tanbou and they can be able to produce similar and alternating sounds to suit any Haiti music being playing by altering the movement of their hands.By 1950 the Haitian musicians had adopted the use of a saxophone. The Haitian people had learnt and borrowed the use of a saxophone from the neighbouring Dominican Republican. Later when Compas Haiti music was introduced, the Haitian people learnt that this genre of music heavily relied on a drum. Thus the drum is the main instrument that depicts the culture of the Haitian people. Haitian Compas music also relied heavily on the use of brass instruments. These are musical instruments made of brass or other metal including trumpets, bugles, trombones or horns. The Haitian musicians used these instruments to produce a diverse range of tones.Electric instruments started being utilized by the Haitian people in 1950's and this included the electric guitar. The music played was lively played by the gifted Haitian vocalists and the horn was also blown. Use of guitars and guitar like instruments had mainly been borrowed from the neighbouring Spanish countries that greatly influenced the Haiti music industry. Guitar like instruments have existed since the ancient times. The guitars played may vary in the number of strings depending on the type. The modern Haitian people have access to electric guitars that are far more audible and clear, they are a great advancement of the conventional guitars.Today, the Kompa Haiti music is still very popular though it has changed and adopted the use of synthetic instruments. Many Haitian musicians today may prefer to use keyboard sounds rather than real drums. Guitars are still used but the horns have been replaced by synthetic instruments. One point to note however, in the famous Haiti music festival for instance the Haiti carnival, the Haitian musicians utilize the original traditional musical instruments such as the drums and the horns to create an ambience of authenticity. The current Haiti music industry is dominated by rap and hip hop. This music genre has vibrant beats and the Haitian musicians rap along these beats in Creole.To get more information click here Luara or you can also click here Luara Melody

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